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      What are the factors affecting the strength of Teflon coated fabric?

      First, the strength of glass fiber yarn directly determines the strength of Teflon coated fabric. At present, when we purchase glass fiber yarn for Teflon coated fabric, we pay special attention to the parameters and testing of glass fiber strength. At the same time, the desizing of Teflon glass fiber yarn is very important, otherwise the adhesion of Teflon coating will be affected, and the strength of Teflon coated fabric will also be affected.

      Secondly, the influence of the production process of Teflon coated fabric on the strength of Teflon coated fabric is also crucial. Everyone knows that the production process of Teflon coated fabric is carried out at high temperature. If it lasts for too long at high temperature, the strength of glass fiber yarn will decrease. However, Teflon coated fabric fiberglass yarns are also dried at high temperatures, so it is particularly important to master the drying time. It is necessary to ensure that the Teflon coated fabric has been dried, and that the strength of the glass fiber yarn is not affected too much.

      After that, special attention should be paid to the packing of high temperature Teflon cloth. Teflon coated fabric is not suitable for folding. If there is a crease, it will tear away from the crease after use. Therefore, it is important to pack and use.



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